Speed Networking

In a global Harvard Business Review survey, ''%79'' said that in-person meetings are the most effective way to meet new clients to sell business, and ''95'' said that face to face meetings are a key factor in successfully building and maintaining long term relationships.

After the bell rings, you have 3 minutes to meet each person. Startup Istanbul is the only conference starts with Speed Networking Event.

Bring a lot of business cards...

What is Speed Networking?

Speed Networking is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model, designed to accelerate business contacts and generally starts with a bell. It’s a very energetic and fun event. Participants are split into two groups and are seated at tables in pairs facing each other in order to exchange information. Participants meet each other during a set period of time, share their professional backgrounds and business goals.

Speed Networking Tips

  • Have your speech ready and say what you would like to achieve or learn
  • Listen as well as talk
  • Remember, even if the prior work of the person you are speaking with doesn’t directly relate to your interest, they might know someone who does
  • If you don’t know of the other person’s prior industry or organization, then ask them to clarify, otherwise you can miss an opportunity
  • Take notes, this practice can be very good for jogging the memory. Exchange business cards and take notes about the speakers’ background on the back of their business card
  • Aim to network with people you haven’t met before
  • If you know you want to speak with a particular person again, arrange to follow up with an email/phone call to ensure they remember you

Who Is Ertuğrul Belen?

Ertugrul Belen is a writer, professional public speaker and an entrepreneur. He is the author of the book called Networking (The art of Meeting, Introducing and Recognition) and co-author of The Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship and the Founder of Business Networking

Akademi where he reached over 30 thousand entrepreneurs and professionals through his Speed Networking activities and Business Networking conferences.

Ertugrul is the co-founder of divasdiamond.com which is the first diamond e-commerce startup in Turkey. He had worked with General Motors, Pricewaterhousecoopers and Sihir Mobilya & Natuzzi group. He is also the Board Member and Ambassador of several organizations and angel investment networks such as eTohum, Startup Week, Pioneer Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week, ISGID, MARGIF and GYIAD.

Why will we start with Speed Networking?

Startup Istanbul is the biggest networking event in the region. So, we give a chance to attendees to meet with different people and investors for a limited time. Speed Networking Event will be managed by Ertugrul Belen, from Business Networking Academy. Ertugrul Belen is the founder of Business Networking Academy. He gave Speed Networking trainings over 50 thousand professionals and he is also the author of the book called Networking (The art of Meeting, Introducing and Recognition)