On 27 – 28th of September, selected 100 startups will get together at Microsoft Office in Istanbul and meet best mentors from mainly US and Europe. On 29th of September all startups will pitch to the jury and top 15 will be selected for the final event.

On 30th of September, 15 startups will be on the stage at Lutfi Kirdar Convention Center. All Venture Capitals and angel investors will be there to listen to the presentations.

This Year's Startups

You Have Startups Too?

One to one trainings will be given to entrepreneurs by mentors on the subject of presentation techniques, business models, lean startup, scalability and growth. In addition, the entrepreneurs will make presentations and get instant feedback from mentors and investors. They also get a chance to meet and network with other entrepreneurs. Only selected candidates will be able to participate in training and mentorship program. Preliminary interviews began to be made with entrepreneurs. August 31 is deadline for all applications and Startups will be selected on September 12.