• 30 SeptemberTuesday
  • 08:00
  • 08:45
    Speed Networking
    Ertugrul Belen
  • Bosphorus Hall
  • 10:00 Bosphorus Hall
    Burak Büyükdemir
  • Prof. Erhan Erkut
    10:05 Bosphorus Hall
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    MEF University - Opening speech
  • Cafer Tosun
    10:30 Bosphorus Hall
    Rahul Sood
    Microsoft Ventures
  • Dave McClure
    10:45 Bosphorus Hall
    Dave McClure
    Founding Partner at 500 Startups
  • Bas Van den Beld
    11:00 Bosphorus Hall
    Bas Van den Beld
    Founder of Stateofdigital
  •  Nicolas Brusson
    11:15 Bosphorus Hall
    Nicolas Brusson & Ozan Sönmez
    Blablacar - Venture Lab Accelerator at KAUST
  • Jason Ball
    11:30 Bosphorus Hall
    Jason Ball
    Investment Director at Qualcomm Ventures
  • Jason Ball
    11:45 Bosphorus Hall
    Deborah Magid
    IBM Venture Capital
  • Michael Seibel
    12:00 Bosphorus Hall
    Michael Seibel
    Y-Combinator &
  • Marion Gamel
    12:15 Bosphorus Hall
    Marion Gamel
    VP of Marketing Europe, Eventbrite
  • Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
    12:30 Bosphorus Hall
    Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
    The Next Web - Never Let Experience Stand In The Way Of Progress
  • Prof. Erhan Erkut
    12:45 Bosphorus Hall
    Cafer Tosun
    SAP Innovation Center
  • 13:00 Bosphorus Hall
  • Bosphorus Hall Maiden's Tower Hall Topkapi Palace Hall
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    MC Bosphorus Hall
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    MEF University
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    MC Maiden's Tower Hall
    Ozan Sonmez
    Venture Lab Accelerator at KAUST
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    MC Topkapi Palace Hall
    Steven Seggie
    Assistant Professor of Marketing - Ozyegin University
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:00 Bosphorus Hall
    Eren Bali
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:00 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Marcus Trotter
    14:00 Topkapi Palace Hall
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    Jale Akyel
    Ecosystem Development Manager, IBM Türk
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    Predrag Lucic
    Ecosystem Development Manager, IBM MEA
    The winner of IBM Smartcamp 2013
    14:30 Topkapi Palace Hall
    IBM Smart Camp
    6 min. Startup Pitches
    UserTalk - Egypt (Skype)
    Finalist from Morocco (Skype)
    The winner of IBM Smartcamp 2013
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:10 Bosphorus Hall
    Andy Tsao
    Silicon Valley Bank
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:10 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Sanjeet Matharu
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:20 Bosphorus Hall
    Vitaly Golomb
    GP - CEED Valley Ventures
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:20 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Carlos Conde
    Amazon Web Services
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:30 Bosphorus Hall
    Kaushal Chokshi
    CEO Scaale Group
    14:30 Maiden's Tower Hall
    "Accelerators Dilemma"
    • Do Accelerators profit? How?
    • How many successful accelerators are there in the world?
    • How to sustain a successful accelerators
    • MicroVCs versus Accelerators?
    • Do you think that Government and Corporate Accelerators works?
    • Do they have to be global or local accelerators win?
    Moderator: Ray Dargham, Panelists: Antal Karolyi, Kamal Hassan, Nabeel A. Qadeer, Jens Pippig
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:40 Bosphorus Hall
    David Lee
    Founder of
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    14:50 Bosphorus Hall
    Philipp Kandal
    How to kick-ass from an emerging market
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:00 Bosphorus Hall
    Yoram Wijngaarde
    Founder at
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:00 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Masaru Ikeda
    Co-founder, The Bridge
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:10 Bosphorus Hall
    Omar Hassan
    London & Partners
    15:10 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Dimitris G. Kalavros-Gousiou
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:20 Bosphorus Hall
    Sertaç.F Karaağaoğlu
    Borsa İstanbul
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:20 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Mohsen Malayeri
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:30 Bosphorus Hall
    Adam Berk
    Director of Entrepreneurial Science
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:30 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Ramez Mohamed
    CEO Flat6Labs
    15:30 Topkapi Palace Hall
    10 Startup Pitching
    Emrah Yalaz - Partner at String Ventures

    Awakening of Heroes
    Event Hat
    Kratos Technology
    15:50 Bosphorus Hall
    Local Opportunities for Investors
    Do you think that VCs are more interested in global startups than local ones?
    Do you think there will be more Silicon Valleys around the world?
    What is the role of government to build a sustainable ecosystem?
    Panelists: Barıs Aksoy, Tomasz Danis, Andy Tsao
    Prof. Erhan Erkut
    15:40 Maiden's Tower Hall
    Orkun Saitoğlu
    16:00 Maiden's Tower Hall
    What VC’s Really Want?
    It is hot topic that VCs do not take risk especially in Europe. They ask for early revenue and working product. Why don't most VCs act like accelerators? Why do VCs invest in ideas? Do accelerators select idea stage startups? What are the selection criteria of VCs and accelerators
    Moderator: Mike Reiner, Panelist: Vera Shokina, Max Gurvits, Anna Degtereva, Daniel Tomov
  • 16:30
    15 Startups Pitching Jury: Rahul Sood, Dave McClure, Jason Ball
    Prof. Erhan Erkut Prof. Erhan Erkut Prof. Erhan Erkut
  • 17:50
    Award Ceremony
  • 18:00
    Closing talks and networking